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Kid's Table & Chair

Suitable for baby over 6 months


Just by having right sized table and chair, which are right height, baby can start to experience life much easier.

We made enough space between table and the chair for child’s thighs.

The seat of the chair is designed wider so 6~12 month babies can sit with legs on it.

It is propitiate for child age 0 to use them as weaning table and chair.

Sitting face to face to the mother will be a new experience and encourage the child for independence.

Once your child has hit the 6-month mark, he or she is ready to try some food and begin the weaning process! 

Young child at homes eats from a small table and chair rather than a high chair, so he is able to sit on his own and get up when he is finished.

Kid's Table


   55x45x30 cm 

   55x45x38 cm

Weight: 6 kg

Material: Walnut, Beech

Kid's Chair


   37x33x30 cm, Seating height 16 cm

   37x33x30 cm, Seating height 19 cm

Material: Walnut, Beech

Weight: 3 kg

幼兒桌椅 斷奶 weaning 幼兒家具 eguchitoys

Kid's table & chair set

Kid's table x1

Kid's chair x1

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